Extrustion: We produce 50,000 kgs per day of Polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths

Circular Looms: We have circular looms from 4-shuttle to 10-shuttle looms where we can produce 50 cms tube to 420 cms tube. We produce 250,000 meters of fabrics per day.

Suzzler Fabric Looms: We produce Flat Fabric, Ventilated (Lock and Unlock), Leno,  and Heavy Weight Fabrics. Start from 50 cms to 400 cms flat. We produce 30,000 meters per day

Lamination: We have a lamination plan which can produce from 2 metres to 4 meters and thickness based on customer. We laminate 50,000 meters per day

Lifting Belt (Webbing): We can produce 1.5 cms to 10 cms width. We produce 200,000 meters of webbing/day

Preparatory / Cutting: We have various types of cutting like heat cutting, cold cutting, heat seal cutting and ultrasonic cutting.

4-Color Printing: We have a flexo-graphic printing facility where we can printing up-to 4 color on all four-sides of the bag. We can also provide BOPP printing on FIBCs as per customer requirement.

PE Liner (Co-Extruder Liner): We produce 25,000 metres of liners per day

Bag Finishing: We produce 30,000 bags per day. We have stitching pattern like Heracle plus safety, chain stitch, lock stitch

Clean Room Facility: Big Bags produces FIBCs from its state-of-the-art Clean Room facility to fulfill stringent customer requirements. Our facility is well integrated from fabric stage to packing with highly maintained hygienic conditions which adheres to global standards such as AIB, BRC-IOP, ISO 22000 etc. Our Clean Room is equipped with world-class equipments such as ultrasonic cutting, air washing machine, metal detecting, etc. Carefully selected personnel are highly trained in good hygiene and good manufacturing practices. Big Bags has implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in its clean room facility to ensure optimum food safety.

Testing Lab: We have equipments to check the breaking strength of tapes and also ultraviolet testing of tapes. The other types of tests are:- Elongation Testing, UV Testing, Load Test, Dart Impact Test, Co-efficient of friction testing (slip and anti-slip), Air Preamblity test, conductivity testing, UN Testing as per Indian and international standards.


“To produce world-class FIBCs competitively in the global market, with the involvement of all our employees towards meeting needs and expectations of all our customers with the utmost quality, hygiene and consistency.”

Ravish B. Kamath
Chief Executive Officer
Big Bags International

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