FIBC Overview

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), bulk bags or simply big bags are standardized containers in large dimensions for storing, transporting and handling dry, granular products and/or slurry (semi-liquid) material.  FIBC’s are amongst the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. They can be produced from either tubular or flat polypropylene (PP Woven fabrics. These fabrics can be either coated or uncoated and vary in different weights depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Safety Factor (SF).

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Container Liner

Container liners offers lower weight, lower handling cost, lower cargo damage, lower product loss, lower freight and lower waste disposal cost that eliminates pallets and packages. Most economic than other bulk systems, and it is easier to install too. Multipurpose and specially designed liners, together with a large group of accessories, BIG BAGS liners are there to offer a variety of solutions to better transport your cargo.

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“To produce world-class FIBCs competitively in the global market, with the involvement of all our employees towards meeting needs and expectations of all our customers with the utmost quality, hygiene and consistency.”

Ravish B. Kamath
Chief Executive Officer
Big Bags International

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