Inlet / Outlet Closures

Inlet Options

  • Full open top
  • Open with flap
  • Filling spout
  • Duffle top
  • Filling skirt

In/Outlet Options

  • Plain bottom no outlet
  • Discharge spout
  • Full drop bottom
  • Conical discharge
  • Fix lock
  • Metallic lock
  • Velcro fastener
  • ‘B’ lock
  • Cable tie (Rilson closure)
  • Star
  • Irish
  • Pyjama


“To produce world-class FIBCs competitively in the global market, with the involvement of all our employees towards meeting needs and expectations of all our customers with the utmost quality, hygiene and consistency.”

Ravish B. Kamath
Chief Executive Officer
Big Bags International

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