About Us

About Us

The Fountainhead

“We envision one day in the foreseeable future, Big Bags International will shape the future of the FIBC industry because safety stands at the pinnacle of our priorities, integrity is non-negotiable, and the organizational heart is consistently geared toward customer satisfaction.”

– Ravish B. Kamath,
Chief Executive Officer,
Big Bags International Private Limited

Dynamic | Driven | Dependable

We Package Peace Of Mind

Eternal learners, astute conquerors. Big Bags International is engaged in constantly raising its own bar of inventive containment. No matter how high success has taken us, our core belief has endured; there are always new heights to scale, fresh solutions to contrive.

Following a tentative beginning in 1993, with innovation at the core, our fixed gaze was on developing engineering solutions that would overpower complex problems to provide customers with a precious commodity – peace of mind. At that nascent stage, we responded to the market’s need for customer oriented PE Tarpaulins. The foundational core commitment to continuously serve customers soon established us as pioneers and leaders with the ability to produce over 250 million square feet of HDPE Tarpaulins in India.

Big Bags started with a small production of 500 FIBCs per day in early 2000. Our zest and tenacity prevented complacency, and led us to emerge as the leading custom oriented manufacturer of FIBCs. We currently produce around 30000 FIBCs each day. Today we have the manufacturing capacity of 9 million FIBCs per year.

With Risk tripping opportunity around every corner, you need a solution that delivers your logistic needs smoothly and subtly, leaving you with peace of mind. This, put briefly, is BBI’s SOE (Strength of Endeavour). That’s why discerning clients opt for FIBCs from Big Bags International.

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A Trustworthy Team

At BBI there are no unsung heroes.

What is documented here is not fluff, but a true description of our culture code. This organization cares equally about its clients as well as the growth of those who work for, and with us. Our employees. We stop at nothing to get the best for both of them.

Not all jobs in an organization bring with them the fame and attention they deserve. The truth is that at BBI, these are the ones that make the whole operation a passionate, smooth, and creative process. We subscribe to the philosophy that every company is only as good as the individuals behind it.

We house a team of over 3000 personnel in a state-of-the-art facility. We are immensely proud of this young and dedicated squad including certified professional engineers, business, and finance graduates. Our employee-friendly policies have rewarded us one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry. Some people call this our strength. We see it simply as company culture.

We look at our team as people who are in charge of growing Big Bags International: People helping others grow in the organization; People who aspire to be the ones growing in the organization; all are our valued employees.

Altogether we create a sustainable business.

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