Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy


At Big Bags International, Corporate Social Responsibility is simply not a mandatory muse.

Ere now, you would be acquainted with our company culture, and so we can say sans any defensiveness, CSR appeals to the wind beneath our wings. Our aim is to use CSR to quicken a desperately-needed change in citizen attitude toward issues such as this. We hope to accelerate global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet.

Our desires through our initiatives are to serve national and local deprived communities, promote the development of native handicrafts, nurture health care, sanitary solutions, and safe drinking water. Even as we aspire to do our bit for promoting education and vocational skill development, we are deeply committed to becoming part of the natural resource and climate change management which will lead to environmental sustainability.

Our long-term goal is to promote a self-reliant community.

Ganjimutt Vocational Training Forum

Big bags supports this forum with the purpose of training up to 50 individuals per month with skill development

Donated Computers to Local Schools

Primary Health Centre

Donated Vertical Autoclave, 7.5 KVA, 415V, 3PH, 0.8PF, 50 HZ, Kirloskar Green CPCB – Diesel Generator Set, Mobile Surgical Shadowless Light, Fumigation Machine, Nebuliser Handyneb.

Donated Computer to Local Police station

Animal Care Trust

Protecting Injured animals. Providing shelter food care to injured animals.

Mangala Seva Samithi Trust

To help orphan children’s. Spent for the noble cause of bringing up for the children.

Ambulance donation

Ambulance donation to local panchayath.