Discharge Bulk Bags with Liners: The Ultimate Guide FIBC bags are a cost-efficient and flexible packaging solution for all dry-flowable goods. Depending on the nature of your business, the bulk bag manufacturer may determine the type of bag and suitable discharge options for your business. The right type of bag safeguards your product, and the ... Read more

Food-Grade FIBC vs. Non-Food-Grade FIBC Bags

Food-Grade FIBC vs. Non-Food-Grade FIBC Bags Before buying Flexible intermediate bulk bags or FIBC bags for different applications, one should understand the difference between food-grade FIBC and non-food-grade FIBC bags. The reason is, there are a fair amount of differences between the two types. Moreover, the same cannot be used for the same purpose. To make matters more confusing, there is another category called ... Read moreFood-Grade FIBC vs. Non-Food-Grade FIBC Bags