Application of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation

Application of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation

FIBC bags have stood the test of time and proven to be safe, sustainable, and durable industrial packaging material.

Also called bulk bags and jumbo bags, they’re made from thick woven strands of oriental polypropylene and are designed to store and transport bulk quantities of dry, free-flowing material.

FIBC bags are so versatile that they suit almost every industry. From agriculture, construction and chemical manufacturing to the food and beverage industry, FIBC bags work almost everywhere. Where there’s a need for packaging the products efficiently, storing them safely, and shipping them without damage and contamination, FIBC bags are the right choice.

Read ahead to understand why FIBC bags are popular and how their application suits bulk transportation in various industries.

What Makes FIBC Bags Popular?

Packaged products go through multiple stages in a supply chain where normal wear and tear damages the goods. Using an FIBC bulk bag not only ensures the goods are protected but also facilitates easy handling, stacking, and transportation of the material.

The following distinctive features of FIBC bags make them a popular choice for storing and transporting industrial packaging materials:

  1. Light Weight: FIBC has the lowest package-to-product weight ratio. Each bulk bag’s load capacity ranges between 500–2,000 kgs with package weight as little as 2–3 kgs.
  2. Flexible packaging: FIBC bags can be made to practically any size that works for your business. Measurements don’t usually exceed 45–48 inches (110 cm) in diameter and 79 inches (200 cm) in height.
  3. Customization: FIBC bag manufacturers provide various customization options like lining, top and bottom construction, ventilation, spouts, etc., to make the bag suit your business.
  4. Sustainable: FIBC bags can be recycled, reconditioned, and reused, accrediting these bags to be sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial packaging material.
  5. Saves space: FIBC bags can be neatly stacked on top of one another, ensuring a clean and arranged facility while saving valuable warehouse space.
  6. Cost-efficient: Jumbo bags give customers great value for money by reducing overhead expenses and overall transportation and labour costs.

Uses of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation

FIBC serves multiple industries to provide a durable, reliable, sustainable, and flexible packaging solution for bulk goods.

Below are some examples of industries that rely on FIBC bags for bulk transportation needs.


1. Agriculture Industry

Agriculture ranks as one of the heaviest users of FIBC bags for storing and transporting various products.

FIBC bags are used for packing grains, seeds, seasonal produce and all different harvests — irrespective of them being wet, dry, granulated, or fine-powdered.


2. Food Processing Industry

Food-grade FIBC bags are lightweight, strong, and resistant to weather conditions that may damage the materials packed.

These bags are extensively used to pack, store, and ship granular or powdered materials such as grains, flour, sugar, coffee, spices, agricultural harvest, animal feeds, and more.


3. Chemical Industry

The chemical industry deals with dangerous goods also which needs to be dealt with carefully.

Static charges accumulating in containers carrying certain products may pose a big risk to employees and the surrounding environment. As a result, FIBC bags are preferred in the chemical industry as these bags, especially type C and type D, which are designed to have antistatic properties, leakproof seams, and dust-proof lining for complete protection.

4. Construction Industry

To prevent any untoward accidents on-site, building materials need to be transported in a safe and sturdy bag.

FIBC bags have high tensile strength and flexibility, making it easy to transport heavy loads of raw materials such as cement, stone, sand, gravel, asphalt, asbestos waste, and construction site debris.

FIBC bag manufacturers may design the handles of the bag to fit your pallets and hooks on the forklift for easy lifting and stacking of the bag.


5. Pharmaceuticals Industry

From raw materials to finished products, it’s important to manage impurities and contamination at the microscopic level when handling pharmaceutical materials.

Pharma-grade FIBC bags have anti-static properties and are lined from the inside to prevent contamination of the bag. Their sterile manufacturing processes and strict hygiene standards make them suitable for carrying pharmaceutical related products.


6. Minerals and Powdered Substances

Mineral and powdered substances are efficiently packed and transported using FIBCs as they’re a cost-effective, convenient, and sustainable solution. Ore concentrates, agricultural minerals and industrial minerals (Ti02, carbon black etc) are some of the minerals that can be transported safely using FIBC bags.

How To Choose FIBC Bags for Bulk Transportation?

When choosing the right FIBC bag for bulk transportation, analyze the type of product you’re packaging, its storage, and transport methods. Based on this, you can identify what customization your bag may require for efficient operations.

There are multiple extra accessories you can include with your bulk bag selections, such as colour-coded lift loops, document pouches, logo printing, locks, etc., to make them unique.

Always be careful while choosing the fabric type, bag size, coating, and filling methods, as these criteria decide the most suited FIBC design. .

The FIBC bag manufacturer you choose for your bulk transportation needs has to be experienced, certified, and adopt with all the customisation options and raw material prices to provide you with the best quality bag at a competitive price. 

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