Why Choose Big Bags International for your FIBC needs

Why Choose Big Bags International for your FIBC needs

There’s no shortage of FIBC manufacturers in the market claiming to meet all your bulk bag requirements. However, there are various criteria an informed purchaser has to consider before selecting a suitable vendor for FIBC bulk orders.

Only a certified industry-expert packaging solution provider can assist you in choosing the right FIBC bag and assure you of the quality required to handle your business efficiently.

This blog delves into the importance of why and how you can choose a certified FIBC bags manufacturer to help you with all your FIBC needs — from conception and customization to delivery.

Facts about FIBC Bags

  • FIBC bags are made of excellent industrial packaging material – flexible polypropylene fabric. They are designed to package, store and transport dry bulk flowable goods.
  • Depending upon the static properties of the FIBC bags, they’re divided into four types — Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D. Each type is suited to safely accommodate and transport a specific list of materials.
  • Each bulk bag can accommodate load capacities anywhere between 500 kgs to 2,000 kgs, depending on the bag design and size.
  • FIBC bags are made to measure 45–48 inches (110 cm) in diameter and can go up to 79 inches (200 cm) in height.
  • FIBC bags have a myriad of customization options like size, lining, filling style, bottom construction, ventilation, etc., to make the bags perfectly suit your business.
  • Industries dealing with hazardous products opt for UN-certified FIBC bags that have a standard make to safely pack and transport hazardous and flammable materials.
  • They also protect the material inside from harmful UV rays, pollutants, and other contaminators, keeping the product safe for the end customer.

Towards the end of an FIBC bulk bag life cycle, it can be recycled, reconditioned, and reused, accrediting these bags to be sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial packaging material.

Criteria To Choose the Right FIBC Vendor

It’s a daunting task to choose the right bulk bag supplier from all the options available in the industry. The supplier you choose influences your business. Hence, it is mandatory to opt for a vendor you can completely trust.

The following characteristics are pivotal for choosing the right packaging solution provider to procure the perfect FIBC bag for your business.

1. Certification

Certain standards are set by Industry Experts such as FIBCA for standardising the  FIBC designs.

Choose a manufacturer that strictly adheres to international quality standards in manufacturing and has ISO, BRC, and HACCP certifications (which serve as benchmarks of the reputability and reliability of a company).


2. Manufacturing Potential

A full-fledged facility offering exceptional quality products has to be your first preference. A well-equipped manufacturer ensures careful execution and adaptability from the acquisition to the conveyance stage of the bulk bag.


3. Warehousing Capacity

A good warehouse capacity means excellent, shorter lead times. Essentially, a manufacturer’s warehousing capabilities keep your business persistent with an uninterrupted supply chain.


4. Pricing

Your FIBC bag manufacturer should have in-depth knowledge of the changing market trends of industrial packaging materials and fluctuating raw material prices. Consider a manufacturer that provides you with competitive and affordable quotations best suit your needs.


5. Style of Manufacturing

Various FIBC bags like builder bags, baffle bags, UN bags, etc. are manufactured in order to meet each industry’s unique requirements. Predominantly these bags have a similar manufacturing process with variations in design and quality.

Choosing a packaging solution provider according to the style of manufacturing would not only allow a trusted partnership but also ensures quality in material. 


6.  Clean and Hygienic Unit

Always work with a manufacturer that adheres to strict sanitation and hygiene standards in their manufacturing units.

FIBC bags need to undergo stringent quality tests in a clean facility, especially if they’re used in the food, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industry where hygiene is of paramount importance.


7. Dedicated Customer Support

Customer service is imperative and speaks volumes about the ethics of your manufacturer. Choose a manufacturer that promotes healthy customer-relationship and reliable after-sales support.

Why Choose Big Bags International for your FIBC needs

Big Bags International is a leading, customer-oriented manufacturer of FIBC bags. With a manufacturing capacity of 9 million FIBCs annually, Big Bags International certainly is a preferred choice of multiple industries for all their FIBC needs.

The relentless emphasis on quality, performance, and commitment has made Big Bags International a dynamic, driven, and dependable FIBC packaging solution provider.

The following attributes make Big Bags International one of the most sought-after bulk bag manufacturers throughout the industry.

1. Manufacturing Standards

All our bags are produced as per international standards. Our FIBC products are certified by recognized international test houses like Labordata, Texene, OFI and the Indian Institute of Packaging.


2. Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant has technologically advanced equipment to offer a complete made-to-measure packaging system to over 20 countries.

Our facility is equipped with the following:

  • A 55,000 kg PP fabric production unit
  • Circular looms and Sulzer looms for fabric weaving
  • In-house lamination and colour printing facility
  • Machinery that makes lifting belts and PE liners 


3. Quality Control

Our FIBC bags are manufactured in a clean room facility with stringent quality control measures. Big Bags International is an ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000 and BRC-certified bulk bag manufacturer.


4. Testing Labs

Before reaching the customer, our bags are thoroughly assessed in our testing labs.

Tensile  and Elongation testing, UV resistance testing, load testing, dart impact testing of PE liners, slip and anti-slip testing, UN testing, etc., are conducted as per Indian and international standards to ensure the quality of the FIBC bag is supreme.


5. Prompt Delivery

Our comprehensive state-of-the-art facility combines design with efficiency to undertake orders of any scale or customization and deliver them promptly.


6. Excellent Products

Big Bags International has a recurring customer portfolio that greatly appreciates our uncompromised quality in the manufactured product.


7. Global Presence

With years of steady growth and a reputation for delivering only the best, Big Bags International marks a global presence with services to over 35 countries across five continents.


8. Manufacturing Capability

We currently produce around 30,000 FIBCs each day and have a manufacturing capacity of delivering 9 million FIBCs per year.


9. Dynamic Team

Our in-house team comprises over 3,000 personnel which includes certified professional engineers, business, and finance graduates and labourers who strive for excellence every day.

Our employee-friendly policies have rewarded us with one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.


10. Customer-Oriented Approach

However unique your packaging needs are, Big Bags International has the expertise to customize it. We align our business goals with our customer’s requirements to provide exceptional services.


11. Clean and Economical Business Practices

Big Bags comply with thorough sanitation and hygiene standards while following sustainable business practices in manufacturing and testing units. We have a diverse work culture that adheres to the local labour laws and has a zero-tolerance policy towards child labour.


12. Awarded for Excellence

Our work has been recognized by prestigious agencies such as the PLEX Council (Plastic Export Promotion Council) and FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry). We have also been accorded several ‘Best manufacturer’ and ‘Best exporter’ awards since 2009.

Choosing Big Bags International as your FIBC supplier

Considering all of the above factors should give you clarity on why Big Bags International is a perfect fit for all your industrial packaging material needs.

We are capable of fulfilling all your custom requirements while promising you quality and prompt delivery.

Learn more about how Big Bags International is the only FIBC bags manufacturer that can fulfil all your requirements here.